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13th Habanos Festival Humidor Auction

The auction of Habanos humidors has become one of the highlights of the Habanos Festival, a global event that year after year captures the imagination of the whole cigar world.

These lots of humidors are a representatioon of the most prestigious brands commercialized by Habanos, S.A., as well as of the most emblematic Habanos and vitolas recalled and sought-after by the passionate enthusiasts and consumers of the best cigars in the world. For the proper characteristics of the Habanos contained in these majestic and elegant humidors, each one of the pieces is the ultimate expression of luxury, art and skilled handicraft.

For the sole purpose of being part of this Auction, all the Habanos contained in these humidors were manufactured by the best cigar rollers in Cuba using tobacco leaves from the finest tobacco plantations in the Vuelta Abajo region.

As every year, this auction is not about profit. All the revenue raised will be donated in full to the Cuban Health System. For this reason the Habanos Festival auctions are, and will always be, an expression of fraternity and appreciation from those who love the world’s best cigars to the people of Cuba.

Habanos, S.A. and the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, on behalf of all Cubans, wish to express their gratitude for the goodwill and generosity shown by all participants.

Lot No. 1 Humidor H. Upmann.

Humidor for Habanos of classic design in which harmonize the most distinctive and well-known elements of the H. Upmann image: the logo.

Dimensions: height 1.30m x length x 0,60m x depth 0,45 m.


This humidor contains 325 Habanos of the brand H. Upmann: 25 Magnum 46, 25 Magnum 48, 25 Magnum 50, 25 Noellas, 25 Robustos, 25 Grandes, 25 Magnum 52, 50 Half Coronas, 50 Royal Robusto and 50 Butifarras.

Lot No. 2 Humidor Hoyo de Monterrey

Elegant humidor made from solid cedar woods, representing a majestic Habano, showing distinction and strength.

Dimensions: height 1,90 m x width 0,70m x depth 0,70 m.


This humidor contains 300 Habanos of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand: 25 Epicure Especial, 25 Extravaganza, 25 Double Coronas, 25 Particulares, 25 Gran Pirámides, 25 Maravillas, 50 Short Hoyo Pirámides, 50 Pirámides y 50 Obsequios No 1.

Lot No. 3 Humidor Romeo y Julieta

Humidor designed following the classical concept of the romantic humidor for Habanos. The following woods were used in its making: mahogany, cedar, acana, oak, majagua, ebony, dagame, red ebony. The humidor is decorated in silver by 70%, and in bronze and nickel silver by 30%.

Dimensions: height: 1.15m x length 1.50m x depth 0.50m.


It contains 300 Habanos of the Romeo y Julieta brand, of which: 50 Wide Churchills, 50 Julietas, 25 Romeos, 25 Fabulosos, 25 Aguilas, 25 Exhibición No. 2, 25 Hermosos No. 1, 25 Fabulosos No. 6, 25 Short Churchills and 25 Short Churchills.

Lot No. 4 Humidor Partagás.

With its suggestive design, this humidor is a tribute to the Partagás Factory and Brand. Totally hand-made in Cuban cedar and decorated with mahogany, cedar, baria and other precious woods. The humidor has a capacity for 350 Habanos distributed in 7 trays and 8 boxes.


Dimensions: height 1.32m x length 1.48m x depth 0.70m.

This humidifier contains 350 Habanos of the Partagás brand, of which: 25 Serie D No. 4, 25 Serie P No. 2, 25 Serie D Especial, 50 Serie D No. 5, 50 Serie E No. 2, 30 Serie A No. 3, 30 Serie B No. 1, 30 Serie C No. 2, 30 Serie P No. 3 and 25 Sobresalientes.

Lot No. 5 Humidor Montecristo.

Following faithfully the image of the brand, this humidor is characterized by the simplicity in design, which does not prevent its being modern, luxurious and functional, elements that contribute to its visual elegance and careful manufacture. The humidor is made up of two pieces integrated to the sculpture. It has a total capacity for 800 Habanos.


Dimensions: height 1.78m x width 0,85m x depth 0,40 m.

This humidor contains 350 Montecristo Habanos in 9 different formats: 50 Montecristo No. 2, 30 Edmundo, 50 Montecristo No. 6, 30 Aguilas, 30 Master, 30 Regatas, 30 Gran Edmundo, 30 Doble Coronas, 30 Sublimes and 40 Maravillas No.1, the latter located on the lower part of the humidor.

Lot No. 6 Humidor Vegas Robaina and 2 Magnum of Tinto Pesquera Millenium Reserve Red Wine.

The humidor is a tribute to the Vegas Robaina brand, which is celebrating its anniversary this year, and to Alejandro Robaina, one of the best tobacco growers of Cuba, who passed away in 2009.

The humidor consists of two pieces and sculpture resembling the original hat worn by Don Alejandro for many years of his life. Made from silver, cedar, bronze and Carrara marble, it can store 220 Habanos.

Dimensions: high 2m x wide 1.50 m x depth 0,45 m.


The humidor contains 220 Habanos of the Vegas Robaina brand, with the following vitolas: 24 Robaina cigars; 50 Don Alejandro; 24 Familiar; 24 Famosos; 24 Unicos; 48 Maestros and 50 Finuras.

Red wine Pesquera Millenium Reserva

This lot includes 2 magnum of 1.5 liters each of Tinto Pesquera Millennium Reserva 1996. A wine in which the pass of time has refined its qualities.

Produced by Bodegas Alejandro Fernández of the Appellation of Origin Ribera del Duero in Spain, with 100% Tempranillo variety from the oldest vineyards of the winery called “Viña Alta”. It has been resting for 26 months in French oak barrels and 10 months in bottle.

Lot No. 7 Humidor Cohíba.

Humidor that symbolizes a rolled tobacco leaf. It is a monolithic and unique piece that represents the most prestigious of the Habanos brands. Its design and manufacture highlight the most symbolical elements of the Cohiba image: the logo and the brand colors, achieved through the combination of different precious woods and metal.

The humidor has four perfectly humidified and easily removable trays where up to 400 Habanos can be preserved. The materials employed in this production are wengue wood for the external parts, okume wood for the trays, and golden steel for the metal decoration.

Dimensions of the Work: high 1,40 m x wide 0,88m x depth 0,85m.


It contains 400 Habanos of the following sizes: 25 Lanceros, 25 Espléndidos 25 Genios, 25 Mágicos, 25 Siglo VI, 30 BHK 56, 30 BHK 54, 30 BHK 52, 45 Cañonazo Especial, 25 Coronas, 25 Gran Corona, 30 Pirámides, 30 Sublimes Extra y 30 Robusto Especial.



13th Habanos Festival Humidor Auction


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