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21st Habano Festival. Registration next to begin

The Habano Festival, the most prestigious event dedicated to Premium Cigars will be held from 18th to 22nd of February, 2019 in the context of the 500 anniversary of Havana City. 

In this 21st edition, bodes a wide program of activities that combines the knowledge about the Habano and the enjoyment of the latest novelties of Habanos, S.A.

The Habanos brands that will play special leading role will be San Cristóbal de la Habana, which commemorates 2 main milestones for the history of this Habano, the 20 anniversary of the brand and the 500 anniversary of the city, Hoyo de Monterrey and Trinidad, of the well known brands within Habanos portfolio which it is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

In this 21st Edition of the Habano Festival  will include many of the initiatives that have made  this anual and famous event worldwide and with great acceptance among the attendees of the Festival such as: visits to the Vuelta Abajo tobacco plantations, tours to the most famous Habanos factories; lectures and practical sessions within the international Seminar ; the Alianza Habanos ( Alliance with Habanos) with  winery D.O.P and the Habanos World Challenge Contest  which will celebrate its second edition after the success of the first edition in 2018.

The closing of the 21st Habano Festival will take place on February 22nd, with an evening full of glamour, exclusivity and love for the Habanos. The evening will come to an end with the traditional Humidor´s auction, made by Cuban experts artisans and will go entirely to the Cuban Public Health System.

The evening will go to an end with a concert in exclusive of the successful international group.

Registration procedure

The registration period for the activities of the 21st Habano Festival will be open on between November 22nd to December 21st, 2018. Registration will be through Havanatur, the official travel agency in charge of the event which will be in charge of the registration and confirmation of the activities.

 A quota of places per activity will be limited as last year.   

We kindly remind you that filling this procedure is only a request of participation. The final confirmation for each activity will only be effective when payment be made to Havanatur for the requested activities.

Payment in USD won´t be accepted. Bank transfer will only be accepted in once payment is Euros, at the rate exchange in force on the day the bank transfer is done.

Once payment is made, a code will be sent through email which it will be presented to collect the invitations and /or credentials for the event.

For further information please contact to:

Mrs. Caridad Sagó / Grisel Blanco
Events / Incentive: Havanatur Receptivo T&T

Commercial : Caridad Sagó. Email :

Representative : Grisel Blanco Email :

Teléf.:   53 (7) 7201-9778

Prices for activities


Prices 21st Habano Festival 2019
Price in CUC
Welcoming Evening 350,00
Visits to Tobacco Plantations 85,00
International Seminar 400,00
Visit to Habanos Factories 40,00
Intermediate Evening 500,00
Gala Evening 700,00
Total 2075,00

Press contact:

Sra. Daymi Difurniao Rodríguez

Dirección Marketing Operativo

21st Habano Festival. Registration next to begin


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