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San Cristóbal de La Habana “La Cabaña”

San Cristóbal de La Habana “La Cabaña” (50 x 155 mm), has been produced exclusively for Cuba as a Regional Edition and is now available in the market. Only 10,000 numbered boxes of San Cristóbal de La Habana La Cabaña have been produced and each box will contain 10 .

Cuba has its Representative in the Habanosommelier International Contest.

After a long day of competition was recently selected the Habanosommelier who will represent Cuba in the upcoming 11th Habanosommelier International Contest to be celebrated as part of the 14th Habanos Festival (from February 27 to Marth 24). The absolute winner of the event was Daniel Reyes [...]

El Rey del Mundo Infantes, the new Regional Edition for the Cuban market

Habanos, s.a. has presented the new Regional Edition exclusively produced for the for the Cuban market in 2013. The presentation coincided with the celebration in Cuba of the 22nd Habanos Marketing and Sales workshop. The ceremony took place in La Habana on June 18th at La Casa del Habano of [...]

Culmina XIII Concurso Nacional Habanosommelier

After a long competitive session, the 13th National Habanosommelier Contest, an annual event organized by Habanos, S.A., concluded last January 31 at the Marinello Hall of Hotel Occidental Miramar. In this occasion, the contest was held among the 15 sommeliers who had won at regional level [...]

Launching of the “Aged Habanos” or “Vintage” concept in cuban domestic market

The 15th anniversary of La Casa del Habano in the Partagás factory at the already mythical 520 Industria Street, next to the Capitol of La Habana, was celebrated in the Cuban capital on November 14 -18, 2011. This event is organized every year by one of the shops of the Habanos, S.A. franchise [...]

La Casa del Habano has opened doors in Cayo Santa Maria, Villa Clara, Cuba

TRD CARIBE had open a new La Casa del Habano in a marvellous place of the cuban geography, Santa María cay, at La Estrella town, at Villa Clara central province. This new local has a surface of 104 square meters. You may find the international recognize brands that give cuban tobacco as Cohiba, [...]

November 20th : The day of the cigar taster in Cuba

On the long road of the Habano, the taster plays a very important role: is who has the authority to qualify or disqualify the virtues or defects in a product, i.e. its perfection. The taster’s tool is nothing but his palate, but also the knowledge and experience are of great value. In Cuba [...]