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Anilla especial de Montecristo para Compay

especompa_1On occasion of the 94th birthday of Compay Segundo, during the Fiesta celebrated in the pool of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba, in Havana the second fortnight of November, Habanos S.A. gave the famed singer a unique humidor, with 156 cigars Montecristo No. 3 cigars with a very special characteristic: a cigar band with the face of Compay.

The fact is very significant for two fundamental reasons;

  • Compay Segundo confesses his faithfulness to the brand Montecristo since long years ago, of which he not only is smoker, inasmuch as he was a roller for more than 20 years in the factory of this brand, located on Calle Amistad 104 in Havana.
  • The brand Montecristo, which is the brand most of Habanos sold in the world, incorporates like that for the first time in its dilated history the face of an illustrious celebrity on its bands.

These Montecristo No. 3 cigars with the face of Compay, will probably will increase the list of most wanted objects by smokers and collectors in the world, inasmuch as they will not be available in any shop.
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The production has consisted of only 1000 bands, whose distribution has been realized fundamentally delivering the cigars as a gift to those attending the birthday celebration, counting with the delivered to the very Compay himself.

A unique gift for a unique and unrepeatable Cuban.

Anilla especial de Montecristo para Compay


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