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4th Habanos Night in France

Last September 11th, Coprova – Importer and Distributor of  in France celebrated the 4th Habanos Night at the “Les Jardins d’Artois” Hotel, one of the oldest mansions of Paris.  Coprova’s team welcomed 150 of its loyal customers for the Habanos Night 2017 in a warm and friendly atmosphere, where the guests had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful garden in the heart of Paris.

The evening began with the Partagás Serie D N°6 tasting, which has been a great success since its launch, followed by the presentation of the Montecristo 80 Anniversary vitola, specially created to commemorate the anniversary of the brand.


The guests also had the pleasure to taste this fabulous  along with Union and Maestro Havana Club rums and participating in a raffle whose first winner’s prize was a magnificent Humidor 80 Aniversario.

On the evening program, a video studio called “La chambre des secrets” where a number of guests were kind enough to share the memories or emotions around the Habanos in a video shot on this occasion.

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4th Habanos Night in France


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