2021 Jun , 29

First Smoking Weekend with Quai D`Orsay in Montenegro

From 7th to 9th of May 2021, the Habanos team in Podgorica organized at the Chedi Hotel 5 stars   Montenegro in the most exclusive resort on the coast, Luštica Bay, Montenegro the first Smoking Weekend. The event gather important enthusiasts.

During these three wonderful days, 4 events took place and made the place full of emotions. The story of charm, style and tobacco scent started with a Welcome night, where all participants enjoyed two Habanos of well-known Romeo y Julieta brand. Wide Churchill and Cedros de Luxe were the selected vitolas for the occasion, being the last one, an edition for La Casa del Habano. That fantastic Habano well paired with aged whiskey.

The second daytime paid tribute to the recognized Por Larrañaga Habanos brand. The attendees had the opportunity of enjoying the Monte Carlos vitola, which was tasted with a prestigious whiskey. Everybody agreed that they spent an unforgettable and unique times. Por Larrañaga is still a very elegant Habano to be tasted with a single malt drink.

Saturday, was the highlight of the weekend with a great evening named “La Noche de Senadores”. During the exclusive and luxury gala dinner the Quai D’Orsay Senadores 2019 limited edition.

The place, the ambience and the wonderful terrace with a great view accompanied the Habano where just 40 people had the opportunity to taste.  Everything was possible due to the measures taken by the organizer of the event, where all the participants agreed the celebration was matched up the world’s best tobacco, the Habano.

At the conclusion, on the following day, at the open swimming pool area of this famous hotel the farewell brunch was celebrated.  La Punta and La Fuerza under San Cristóbal de La Habana brand were smoked during the evening with a sparkling wine and delicious traditional Montenegrin food with a modern touch of a top chef which closed the four days of intense pleasure.

Seems that Montenegro will have fantastic season this summer, with humidors auction coming up inviting all willing to experience the local culture and traditions with great Habano in their hand.


First Smoking Weekend with Quai D`Orsay in Montenegro


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