2019 Jul , 30

Fourth La Casa del Habano Opens in the United Kingdom

A fourthhas been opened in Knutsford, England. This is also the second one to be opened by C.Gars Ltd, joining its Chester store opened in 2014.

At a sold-out event and guests were also joined by Mr. Guillermo Perera, Press and Culture Counsellor of the Cuban Embassy in the UK, to enjoy an evening of celebration and fine Havana cigars. During the opening ceremony the honour of cutting the ribbon was shared by Yadira Bulnes (Hunters & Frankau’s Corporate Director) and Ron Morrison (C.Gars Ltd President).

The shop has a substantial walk-in humidor with client lockers on the ground floor and a comfortable sampling lounge on the first floor.

The full range of La Casa specialities including Colección Habanos books and humidors supplement the comprehensive selection of Havana cigars on offer, from every Habanos brand.

Mitchell Orchant, Managing Director of C.Gars, said that opening a second La Casa del Habano would allow the group to continue the growth in Havana cigars sales and would enable them to have additional availability of La Casa specialities to satisfy their customers’ insatiable demand for the finest cigars in the world.

Fourth La Casa del Habano Opens in the United Kingdom


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