2018 Sep , 3

Pacific Cigar Divan & Edinburgh Whisky Club Grand Opening

August 17th, 2018 was a special day for The Pacific Cigar Company Ltd. Not only did we re-open our Pacific Cigar Divan, after some renovation and expansion works, we also officially launched a very special cigar: Punch Sir David.

The Pacific Cigar Divan located in Central, re-opened its door to a larger lounge area, with a private room adding more seats for our Aficionado and a walk-in humidor complete with lockers. The private room offers a library of some of Sir David’s personal books, to be enjoyed at the lounge.

In partnership with Fine Vintage, the Edinburgh Whisky Club just opened next door to our lounge. This bar, dedicated to fine and rare Whiskeys, offer more than 100 selected whiskeys.

Punch Sir David cigar. This tribute cigar was created by as homage to our Founder and Chairman. We decided to stay true to his favorite cigar, Punch Double Corona. This Sir David cigar is a Paco format (49×180) and will only be available in cabinet format of 50 cigars. Truly a very unique cigar!

Pacific Cigar Divan & Edinburgh Whisky Club Grand Opening


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