2017 Mar , 30

Habanos Day Mexico 2017, sharing Cuba’s luxury and tradition

  • IEPT threw a unique celebration at Mexico’s Cuban Embassy at the 5th Habanos Day Mexico

Last March 15th, took place the Fifth Edition of Habanos Day Mexico, event that promotes luxury and tradition through an iconic Cuban product: the .

The event, organized by Importadora y Exportadora de Puros y Tabacos (IEPT), Exclusive Distributor for in Mexico, aims to gather sybarite world lovers to an all-senses joy and pleasure atmosphere, was celebrated through activities that cultivate the interest and knowledge of such a great product: the Habano.

Pablo Velasco, Chief Executive from Importadora y Exportadora de Puros y Tabacos (IETP), commented: “We are very happy to celebrate, once again, this unique experience where Cuban culture and tradition merge with the sophisticated Cigar and we are proud to acknowledge the Habanos Day Mexico, as it is an event celebrated in many countries all around the world. We had great audience in last editions and this year was not the exception”.

Habanos, Cuban drinks, music, dance and good talk were some of the enjoyments that awaited the guests during this Edition at the Cuban Embassy, which welcomed over a thousand Habanos enthusiasts in which has been the most successful Edition.

Habanos Day Mexico 2017 opened with a torcido workshop where people could know about the different stages a Habano would be made starting from the seedlings, till harvesting, a hard work done by the (tobacco farmers) and , till commercialization.

There were also several activities that attendees could have the opportunity to enjoy like a drink course conducted by Havana Club where guests met and practiced the elaboration and process of some of the most traditional Cuban drinks as well as the most expected launching of Tributo 2017, a new iconic line product from Havana Club.

Habanos Day Mexico 2016 was a pure Cuban essence experience where the Habano paired with the most traditional rhythms and flavors of Cuba.

Habanos Day Mexico 2017, sharing Cuba’s luxury and tradition


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