2015 Oct , 5

Monaco Habanos Day

Habanos Day Monaco 2015

For this first Habanos Day in Monaco initiated by Coprova, not less than fifty “aficionados” got together on the rooftop of the well-known Café de Paris.

At this occasion, aficionados and personalities including Philippe Gatti, Director of the Monégasque Tobacco Board were invited to participate to a unique combination between the stunning new Limited Edition Magnum H.Upmann 56 presented as preview and a rare Armagnac Château du Tariquet vintage 1985.

Habanos Day Monaco 2015

In a friendly and professional atmosphere the “aficionados” have found a perfect combination of flavors, the participants were absolutely thrilled by the exclusive and exceptional format H.Upmann Magnum 56.







Monaco Habanos Day


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