2018 Oct , 30

1st Edition of the Habanos Caribbean Fest

Curaçao Dushi Island, is recognized by a dazzling past, high historical and interesting content, UNESCO World Heritage and whose present promotes the identity of a very colorful Island, animated and unique experiences.

Curacao destined to succeed, will be the venue of an unprecedented event: Habanos Caribbean Fest – I Edition, to be held this coming November 30th and December 1st, 2018. An amazing party that will bring together Habano, Rum and Coffee lovers of Cuban origin, in the majesty of Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort including in its programming, a unique auction of Humidors certified by: not only to praise this First Edition and the following, but also, as a synonym of quality knowhow, excellence and elegance in the worldwide distribution of the best premium cigars in the world.

Los Zafiros Band and a wonderful staging of the Cultural Surprise “Curazao”, will optimize the sense of Artistic Dimension, enhancing the cultural values ??that emanate from the Cuban and Curacao identities.

The best professionals will be presiding Conferences, Tastings, Pairings and Exhibitions, with the main objective of creating nuances of customs and consecutiveness of this event, always dedicated to: Habanos lovers.

Unique vitolas will surrender at their gallants’ feet, bringing pleasure and creating unforgettable memories. The honorees: 2018: Romeo and Julieta Tacos and Bolívar Soberano. Specially included to those fans who look always for the best.

We invite you to enjoy this Habanos Caribbean Fest 2018. An event where you will be witnesses and the main character of an unprecedented experience based on the commitment, dedication and good taste of those who know that: elegance, history and art will forever converge at the same point.


Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Willemstad, Curaçao

1st Edition of the Habanos Caribbean Fest


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