2011 Dec , 5

Habanos s.a, the sponsor for the screening of the Documentary, Cigars: The Heart & Soul of Cuba


Habanos, S.A. exclusively sponsored the screening of the documentary Cigar: The Heart & Soul of Cuba, presented by James Suckling and directed by James Orr.

The Documentary with just over 50 minutes was screened on December 2nd, in Room 1930 at The Cuba National Hotel, under the 33th New Latin American Film Festival.

Suckling in his journey through the island, shows, in his work why Habanos, are the best in the world.


James Suckling, an american critical expert that specializes in wines and Cigars, especially in Habanos has traveled to Cuba regularly since 1990, first as European Editor for Cigar Aficionado Magazine and now, with its own website:

Suckling is internationally regarded as one of the most influential critics in the world of wine, a connoisseur of vintage cigars. Today is the Wine Editor for publication Asia Tatler, and operates his own website on Cuba and Cuban Cigars: Habanos.

James Orr, director, writer and producer of several films, was the principal scriptwriter of the Documentary, Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba that was presented in the ocassion of 33th Latin American Film Festival and within the most outstanding films as a director are Mr. Destiny and Man of the House.

With his documentary James Suckling is determined to figure out what makes Habanos the best of his kind.

To the documentary screening attended personalities of the Cuban Culture and executives of the Tobacco Industry, Mr Jorge Luis Fernández Maique, Co-president of Habanos S.A, said that his company is proud to support this sort of projects which serving to extend the knowledge about a product full of so much love and passion.


The ocassion was used to announce that in the next Habanos Festival to be held from February 27 to March 2nd, it will take place the first International Contest “Habanos in Images” aimed at filmmakers who have produced audiovisual works inspired by Habanos.


  • Run Time: 50 minutes and 39 seconds
  • Presented by: James Suckling
  • Written and directed by: James Orr
  • Executive Production by : James Suckling and Toby Brocklehurst
  • website:

Habanos s.a, the sponsor for the screening of the Documentary, Cigars: The Heart & Soul of Cuba


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