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Habanos, S.A. awarded once again at Inter-Tabac Dortmund Fair 2017, Germany

 grabbed countless recognition at the Inter-Tabac. The fair which was held September 22nd to 24th, 2017 in Dortmund, Germany, considered the most important tobacco fair in Europe.

At the Habanos, S.A. and Fifth Avenue Products stand, visitors could see the new launchings of Habanos, S.A. for 2017 such as the first Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011 in H. Upmann brand, in its iconic vitola Sir Winston (47 x 178 mm), one of the brand’s most special cigars, very popular with H. Upmann enthusiasts as well as with enthusiasts in general. Montecristo Línea 1935 is presented in three vitolas, Maltés (53 x 153 mm), Dumas (49 x 130 mm) (two of which are unprecedented, with an innovative and distinct presentation and positioned in the full strength flavour territory and Leyenda (55 x 165 mm). Quai D´Orsay No. 50 (50 x 110 mm) and No.54 (54 x 135 mm) both in 10 and 25-unit presentations. It is also added to the Coronas Claro (42 x 142 mm). Romeo y Julieta Petit Royales (47 x 95mm) and the 2017  – Limited Editions: Cohiba Talismán, Partagás Serie No. 1 and Punch Regios de Punch were also present at the stand.

More than ten Exclusive Distributors from all around the world attended the fair on this occasion.

Fifth Avenue Products Trading G.M.B.H, Habanos’ Exclusive Distributor for Germany, its President Mr. Heinrich Villiger gave the 2017 award to the Best Habanos Specialist of the Year in their territory, to Mr. Muhammte Genc, from La Casa del Habano,  Dusseldorf.

Habanos, S.A. received new awards during the fair:

  • 2017 Cigar Trophy “Best Cuban Brand” – given by Cigar Journal to Partagás brand.
  • 2017 Cigar Trophy “Best Cuban Cigar” – given by Cigar Journal to the Best Habano of the Year: Montecristo No.2.

The award ceremony was attended by Mr. Inocente Núñez Blanco, Copresident of Habanos, S.A., Mr. Justo Luis Fuentes, President of TABACUBA and Mr. Christoph Puszkar, Marketing Director of Fifth Avenue Products, Exclusive Habanos Distributor in Germany.

Inter-Tabac Fair is an important event that continues growing year after year, and has become a relevant quote in the annual calendar for the presentation and recognition of Habanos releases.


Habanos, S.A. awarded once again at Inter-Tabac Dortmund Fair 2017, Germany


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