HABANOS S.A. presents Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de Río Seco in Lebanon

Le Hoyo de Río Seco will be presented exclusively by Phoenicia T.A.A. Cyprus LTD on 29th September in Laguava Resort. Six hundred aficionados of the best tobacco in the world will be present at the event.

 Le Hoyo de Río Seco is the new vitola of the Habanos brand, Hoyo de Monterrey, which is joining Le Hoyo series, extending its heavy-gauge range.

through its Exclusive Distributor for the Middle East, Phoenicia T.A.A. Cyprus LTD, is launching the world preview of Le Hoyo de Río Seco (56 x 140 mm length)  from the Hoyo de Monterrey brand. Le Hoyo de Río Seco is a new heavy-gauge that has been incorporated in Le Hoyo series, enriching this historic line of Habanos and its range of large heavy-gauge cigars, which to the date have not had so much presence. Like the rest of the vitolas from the Hoyo de Monterrey brand, Le Hoyo de Río Seco is also made “con – Totally Handmade with Long Filler” – by expert Cuban torcedores, or cigar rollers.

This new launch is a very attractive option for lovers of delicate, aromatic of lower strength. In addition, it stands out for its complexity, resulting in a very elegant vitola. It is presented in the classic sliding drawer box typical of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand, incorporating the brand’s new image, and available in 25 and 10 units.

For its part, Le Hoyo series is one of the best known historically due to its fine and medium-gauge formats. In this regard, the new Le Hoyo de Río Seco vitola is the second heavy-gauge cigar to be incorporated into the series.

The event will take place on 29th September in Laguava Resort in Rymayleh, Lebanon, with the attendance of about 600 guests. During the evening, lovers of the best tobacco in the world will be able to taste this new cigar – Le Hoyo de Río Seco – as well as enjoying many other surprises like a Jazz band music, stands of select partner luxury brands and live cooking stations.

The brand Hoyo de Monterrey was born in the plantation of the same name, located in the area of *, in the heart of the region*. The Hoyo de Monterrey plantation is one of the most renowned and is well-known for the famous inscription on its entrance: “Hoyo de Monterrey, José Gener. 1860”.

Phoenicia T.A.A. Cyprus LTD, established in 1999 as a part of Phoenicia group of companies, and based in Limassol – Cyprus. It is exclusive distributor for Habanos, S.A. for the regions of Africa, Gulf, Middle East and part Europe.

The Havana-based company, jointly owned by the Cuban industry and the British Imperial Tobacco Group, which markets all 27 Habanos brands worldwide.
A word with many meanings. In Cuba it refers to the size and shape of a cigar (vitola de galera factory name, vitola de salida market name) and also to a particular size of cigar in an individual packing. In Spain it means a cigar band or ring (vitolfilia cigar band collecting). To some it has an almost spiritual meaning encapsulating every aspect of their cigar of choice.
Totally by hand. A description created in Havana to differentiate between Cuban methods of making cigars by hand from the semi-mechanised metods used elsewhere that can legally be described as "Hecho a Mano" or "Hand Made".
Long filler. Filler that is made from full-length tobacco leaves.
The official Denominación de Origen Protegida (D.O.P.), or Protected Denomination of Origin used only to describe the most outstanding brands of cigars, which are manufactured in Cuba to the most exacting standards established by the Regulatory Council, from tobaccos grown only in particular areas of the island that are also protected as Denominations of Origin. In English the word translates as Havanas, which are widely considered to be the best cigars in the world.
A famous small town in Vuelta Abajo which gives its name to a district that is protected as a Denomination of Origin. It has a particular reputation for the cultivation of fillers and binders.
The finest tobacco-growing land in the world, Vuelta Abajo is the main source of tobacco for Habanos, and the only zone that grows all types of leaf: wrappers, fillers and binders. A Protected Denomination of Origin.

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