2018 Jan , 17

Habanos World Challenge App (iOS)

Aficionados all over the world will compete in the World Challenge organized by Habanos, S.A. under the name of Habanos World Challenge, an international contest which it will take part for the first time in the 20th Habanos Festival. The attendees will compete through stage rounds in their different countries around the world to represent their nations in the final rounds in Havana, during the 20th Habanos Festival.

During this intense upcoming battle, in which we have the “The World of the Habano” book as source of information, an important tool that will aid in the preparation of the participants during the competition is the Habanos World Challenge App.

All participants will be widely tested on their overall knowledge involving agricultural, industrial phases, practical and demonstrative issues of Habanos, over a series of challenges throughout all HWC stages.

The Habanos World Challenge App carries such all-powerful testing information compact inside in order to convert our aficionados in a true experts. All of this in a single application available for any iOS user at just one finger tap.

Habanos World Challenge App (iOS)


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