Enoteka Pergamin – first Habanos Lounge in Poland has opened recently in Krakow!

2019 Mar , 4

Polish aficionados and cigar enthusiast have another reason to celebrate. After opening a in 2016 in Krakow, this historical polish capital offers yet another pleasure place to enjoy a great – first in Poland Habanos Lounge!. It is situated in one of the best polish restaurants Enoteka Pergamin, known for its uncompromised cusine, wide selection of fine wines, spirits, and coctails served by proffesional and utmost friendly staff.

Enoteka Pergamin Restaurant, ul. Grodzka 39, Krakow

Cigar lovers can find this place located in an underground part of the restaurant next to the bar and wine store. Great selection of fine Cuban cigars awaits you there, so once in Poland do not forget to visit Krakow, the city of kings (and great cigars)!


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