2013 May , 28

Diadema’s Sales Force obtains Senior Course of Academia Habanos


Last March 23rd, 2013, the first course of the Habanos Academy took place in the Bologna Sheraton Hotel, in Italy. This time dedicated exclusively to the Sales Force of Diadema,Spa, the official Habanos Distributor for Italy.


The course was conducted by Stefano Minoia, Diadema’s Sale Manager, recently graduated in Havana as the first Italian Master of the Habanos Academy (being the only person officially authorized to run and validate these courses). Many topics were treated during the Habanos Academy focused on the main stages for the Habano, among others which were well accepted by those present. After that, a final exam was applied where the staff got the Senior Certificate, second level of the Habanos Academy.


However, the specialization of the supply chain in Italy does not end here; otherwise, it will continue with the emplacement of other courses around the country, dedicated, first, to the Specialist and Habanos Point and later to other tobacconist ending with all those enthusiasts who may be interested in knowing all phases behind the Habanos.

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Diadema’s Sales Force obtains Senior Course of Academia Habanos


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