2019 Sep , 19

New Habanos Terrace in Italy

Every Cuban tobacco enthusiast needs his time and place to enjoy his favorite .

Currently, the exclusive restaurant “Il Vascello Fantasma” in Laigueglia (SV), one of the most charming places on the Riviera of Liguria offers this possibility to all passionate who is looking for an exclusive and cozy place where to smoke the authentic Habano.

The opening of this new Habanos Terrace was held last Friday, September 6th with a unique event that has involved the entire Musso square adjacent to the restaurant during which Miguel Angel Eusa Mendia, Vice President of Diadema s.p.a. has officially delivered the “Habanos Terrace” plate that accredits the ristorant as such.

The event full of distinction and elegance has been enlivened with a concert by Nicole Magolie already present at the celebration of the event “Matera Capital de la Cultura 2019”. Accompanying Nicole to the piano was Gabriele Gentile and with the saxophone Peter Landwas. There was also the presence of the famous international artist Ivana Vio.

For the occasion Chef Stefano Rota developed an exceptional menu combining typical products of the Riviera Ligure based on products from the sea and the countryside, all accompanied by Champagne Didier Herber and as a final point a Habano of Romeo and Juliet brand , Romeo No. 2.

New Habanos Terrace in Italy


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