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The first Gran Reserva Montecristo and the new Serie E of Partagás will be presented during the XIII Habanos Festival

The Habanos Festival celebrates this year its 13th edition and will be hold between the 21th and the 25th of February, 2011 in Havana (Cuba). More than 1500 aficionados from more than 80 countries will have the opportunity to attend the most important event in the world of tobacco to exclusively enjoy the new products that Habanos, S.A. will launch to the market in 2011.

During the 13th Habanos Festival, Habanos s.a. will present the new Montecristo No. 2 Gran Reserva Cosecha 2005, the first Gran Reserva of the brand with a limited and exclusive production which could be taste during the Gala Dinner, culmination of the Festival and that will be hold on Friday, 25th of February. Its special features will be announced during the week.

On Monday 21 February at the Welcome Night, Festival goers will enjoy an exclusive concert by Leo Brouwer, Cuban composer, renowned musician and awarded with the Grammy Latino 2010, at the Gran Teatro de La Habana.


Afterwards they can taste two new launches of Partagás, which for this edition enrich their Series with the addition of the Serie E, presented with the Vitola Serie E No.2, and extends its Serie D with the introduction of the new Serie D No.5.


On Wednesday February 23 there will be the H. Upmann Night where it can be taste the new Vitola H. Half Upmann Corona, an accessible format, designed to enjoy the cigar at any time and for those who come to the Habano for the first time.

Activities program

This year, among others, foreign and Cuban personalities will be present at the Habanos Festival such as the great Cuban artist Omara Portuondo and actor Jorge Perugorría. Furthermore, we will be honored by the presence of the Cuban maestro Leo Brouwer, Founder and Director Emeritus of the Orquesta Filarmónica de Córdoba, who has received the Latin Grammy 2010, and who will hold a spectacular concert during the Welcome Night together with his guests; Edin Karamazov, one of the most important lutenists in the world, who has recorded several music tracks with Sting, and José Manuel Hierro, a guitarist from Córdoba, recipient of two Spanish National Awards for guitar, among many other acknowledgments. Musician Pancho Amat just awarded with Cuba´s national prize, will be the star guiding the H.Upmann night on Wednesday 23 of February.


Throughout the week will be hold the Trade Fair, the International Seminar and the traditional visits to plantations and factories, in order to know the process of making a Habano. This year we will visit the Real Fábrica de Tabacos de Partagas created in 1845, the most emblematic for its location and tradition, which will soon be restored so that it is one of the last chances to visit it before that process.


The Habanos Festival continues the tradition of associating the Habanos brand with excellent products, so this year it will celebrate the Alliance of Habanos with the best Cuban rums aged and extra-aged, one of the most expected alliances.

For the first time in the history of this event, the Festival will host a Blind Taste of Habanos, where the best Cuban tasters will proceed to try 3 Habanos only through the sense of touch and test, without the help of the eyesight.

Habanosommelier International Contest, which this year celebrates its tenth edition, is one of the highlights of the Festival, with an increasing number of aficionados, that demand the sommelier’s advice when choosing a Habano.

To end a full week in the delight of the senses, during the Gala Evening will take place Habanos 2010 Awards in three categories (Production, Business and Communication) and the Grand Humidor Auction of authentic handicraft works of art in precious woods with an exceptional assortment of Habanos is another stellar moment of the evening. As already traditional, the money collected from the auction goes to the Cuban Health System, which in the in the sum of the last 10 editions donated a total of more than $ 8 million.


Grupo Habanos 2011 Financial results

In 2010 Grupo Habanos (Habanos, S.A. and Exclusive Distributors of Habanos exclusive distributors of Habanos throughout the world) had a turnover of $ 368 million approximately, an increase of 2% compared to 2009.

The market share stood at 80% market share in value worldwide excluding the U.S., confirming its position as worldwide leader at the Premium market.

Appointment of Jorge Luis Fernández Maique as new Co-President of Habanos s.a.

Dated February 8, 2011 Jorge Luis Fernández Maique was appointed Co-President of Habanos s.a. to replace Oscar Basulto Torres. Before that, Jorge Luis Fernández Maique was the Vice President of Logistics. Fernández Maique will work with the other Co-President Buenaventura Jiménez Sánchez-Cañete.

Fernández Maique said after his appointment: “I assume the Co-Presidence of Habanos s.a. after a year 2010 in which, despite the difficulties in certain markets and restrictions on consumption in many countries laws, the turnover of Corporación Habanos s.a. has grown by 2%. We are confident in a maintained growth for 2011 and that the dynamism in the presentation of new products being displayed by Habanos s.a. in recent years help to consolidate this trend.”

Fernández Maique also noted that “despite the difficulties of some global markets, the trend in cigars sales has rebounded in several major markets, especially in Asia and Middle East, and in some Western European countries that start out of the crisis.”

Maique insisted: “The new Habanos which are presented for 2011, especially in the Partagas brand, with an extension of the Serie D and the creation of the new Serie E, the new H. Upmann Half Corona, also suited for those who are interested in Habanos, and the first Gran Reserva in the Montecristo brand, will let us to dynamize the market with new Habanos highly adapted to the evolution of smokers preferences, and consumption restrictions in most markets”.

“Despite the laws anti-tobacco, the Habano continues to strengthen in the world. Habanos s.a. is promoting the creation of their own spaces for sale and enjoyment of the Habano, with over 140 shops of La Casa del Habano, the franchises own Habanos. It also consolidates the recent franchise Cohiba Atmosphere, recreating the unique atmosphere of Cohiba, based on landmarks such as Prague, Beijing, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Cancun and Tokyo”

Other launchings for 2011

Habanos, S.A. also introduced Limited Editions 2011, which are the following:

  • Cohiba: Cohiba 1966. Factory Name: Cañonazo Especial. Ring gauge 52 x 166mm. This Limited Edition also commemorates the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Cohiba brand.
  •  Hoyo de Monterrey: Short Hoyo Pirámides. Factory Name: Forum. Ring gauge 46 x 135mm.
  • Ramón Allones: Allones Extra. Factory Name: Franciscos. Ring Gauge 44 x 143mm.

There will be produced also Special Series and Regional Editions for each territory to be communicated to the extent they are available in markets.


The first Gran Reserva Montecristo and the new Serie E of Partagás will be presented during the XIII Habanos Festival


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