2023 Jun , 14

New La Casa del Habano in Bonn, Germany.

On May 16th, the La Casa del Habano in Bonn was inaugurated, which was already highly popular among Habano enthusiasts as a Specialist in Habanos. The opening of La Casa del Habano Bonn marks an important milestone as it is the 16th La Casa del Habano in Germany.

Prominent guests attended the inauguration, including Mrs. Mónica Rodríguez Sánchez, Head of the Cuban Diplomatic Office in Bonn, representatives of 5th Avenue, the official exclusive importer of Habanos, S.A for Germany, Austria, and Poland, owners of several La Casa del Habano stores in Germany, as well as customers and Mr. Bodo Mehrlein, the CEO of the Federal Association of the Tobacco Industry in Germany.

For the event, the finest Habanos offered by 5th Avenue were accompanied by creative cocktails and fine spirits from Ferrand, along with select chocolates from Choco-Dealer.

La Casa del Habano in Bonn is led by Torger Brunken, who, together with his team, provides customers with comprehensive advice and excellent personalized service.

The bright La Casa del Habano is located in Kaiser-Passage, a privileged location in the city center, covering an area of 140 square meters. The gallery stands out, housing a tastefully designed smoking lounge with 12 comfortable armchairs. Additionally, the store features a 20-square-meter walk-in humidor, providing perfect storage conditions for Habanos.

La Casa del Habano is a global network of franchised stores under Habanos, S.A. Currently, it has over 157 stores worldwide. In Germany alone, there are 16 stores, making Germany the country with the most La Casa del Habano locations after Cuba. The Casas del Habano offer aficionados a wide range of Habanos brands and formats, including exclusive products designed for the store network such as the “Colección Habanos,” a collector’s item, and Réplica Antigua humidors, among others. The Casas del Habano serve as a reference point where enthusiasts can find their favorite Habanos, receive personalized attention, and benefit from knowledgeable staff who provide guidance on everything from selection to the cultural aspects surrounding Habanos. Product tastings are part of the activities that La Casa del Habano organizes for its customers.


New La Casa del Habano in Bonn, Germany.


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