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New presentation of Selección Petit Robustos

  • Selección Petit Robustos, with its new presentation of 10 units will be arriving to the points of sale all around the world in the next weeks.

Seleccion Petit Robustos 2015

introduces the Selección Petit Robustos, a product created exclusively for the Duty Free and Travel Retail in 2012 with great acceptance for the enthusiasts in the different points of sale all around the world. On this ocassion this elegant case of 10 Petit Robustos (50 ring gauge x 102 mm length) a vitola widely accepted by the Cuban Cigar lovers in these last years is presented with the Cohiba and Montecristo’s new bands.

The Selection includes five of the most prestigiuos Habanos brands: Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás y H.Upmann.

The possibility of enyoing each brand’s particular blend in a comparable format makes of this Selección Petit Robustos an attractive choice for those who want to taste a wide sample of the Habanos brands flavours, in just 20 minutes.

Seleccion Petit Robustos 2015

All these Habanos have made with filler and binder leaves from * (D.O.P.) zone, in * Region, Cuba.


Cohiba is made from the “selection of the selection” of the best leaves of the tobacco plantations of * (D.O.P) y * (D.O.P) areas in the * (D.O.P) zone, the additional fermentation of the “” and “” leaves provide unique aroma and flavour. Cohiba is the Habanos flagship.


Montecristo is the best known Habanos brand and probably the most appreciated by its characteristic medium to full flavor, considered by many smokers a benchmark for flavor.


Romeo y Julieta Habanos are characterized by its balanced and aromatic blend. It is the classic medium flavour Habano.


A Partagás is immediately recognizable by its deep character and rich flavour.


H. Upmann is considered a fine example of an elegant light to medium flavoured Habano.

Only 15.000 Selección Petit Robustos cases will be available in the different shops worldwide in a couple of weeks.

Enjoying each Petit Robustos of this Selection will be an unforgettable experience.

Seleccion Petit Robustos 2015

BrandS Cohiba, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Partagás and H.Upmann
Commercial Name Selección Petit Robustos
Factory Name Petit Robustos
Measures Ring Gauge 50 (19,84 mm) x 102 mm in length
Presentation Special case of 10 units. 2 Petit Robustos of each of the 5 brands
Production Limited production of 15.000 boxes

Seleccion Petit Robustos 2015

* (D.O.P) Denominaciones de Origen Protegida.









New presentation of Selección Petit Robustos


Habanos are made
completely by hand

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