2004 Feb , 20

Nueva vitola para Montecristo

montecristo1A new gauge exalting the character of the Montecristo brand will be launched in Paris in May this year, said Manuel García Morejón, Commercial vice-president of Habanos S.A. Corporation, during the inauguration of the International Seminar that took place Tuesday afternoon.

Named after Edmund, the legendary character of Alexander Dumas´s The Count of Montecristo, the gauge is a great gift the Habanos enterprise has reserved for the lovers of this brand.
“We are sure it will lure all our followers and become a jewel,” remarked García, who also made a brief summary of the most outstanding facts that took place last year.

“The Siglo VI gauge, that started being traded in mid 2003, succeeded immediately and, within a few months, became an indispensable format within the Cohiba brand worldwide,” he pointed out.

According to his words, another aspect that was present in the Corporations daily agenda was the struggle against smuggling and faking. “The Habano as a luxury good must be protected from this flagellum,” he remarked.

Nueva vitola para Montecristo


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