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New Montecristo Media Corona

  • New vitola of heavy ring gauge and short length which is to be incorporated into the regular portfolio of the Montecristo brand.
  • Because of its dimensions, this Habano complements other formats of current trend, offering all the flavor and character of Montecristo in a short smoking time.

Montecristo Media Corona Tabaco

presents the new Montecristo Media Corona (44 ring gauge x 90 mm length), a new (size) that is incorporated into the regular portfolio of the brand in its Línea Clásica, which is launched to the market in a presentation of a Semi Boîte Nature with 25 .

Montecristo Media Corona, which will begin to arrive to the worldwide outlets in the coming days, offers to the smoker all the flavor of Montecristo, with its traditional medium to full flavor, suitable for a short smoking time.

Montecristo Media Corona Camada

This vitola is a Habano of intense flavor and nice smoke, with woody, dry and sweet touches, providing the smoker with a complete and unctuous sensation in the mouth.

Montecristo Media Corona is characterized by the traditional flavor of the Línea Clásica of Montecristo and an excellent draw with a 44 ring gauge, more powerful because of its short length. Its natural brown of red touches gives it a beautiful presence.

All the Habanos of the Montecristo brand are made con (Totally handmade with Long Filler) with selected leaves from * – the best tobacco zone in the world – in the region of *, Cuba.

Montecristo Media Corona Caja y Tabaco

Montecristo Media Corona incorporates the new of the brand that, while being innovative in its technical printing elements, maintains the historic style of the brand.

Brand Montecristo
Commercial Name Media Corona
Factory Name Half Corona
Measures Ring Gauge 44 (17,46mm) x 90 mm in length
Presentation Semi Boîte Nature (SBN) of 25 units

* (D.O.P) Protected Denomination of Origin.









New Montecristo Media Corona


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