Opening of first Habanos Specialist in the Canary Islands

2020 Jan , 6

Cuba Cigar, S.L.U., Exclusive Distributor of in the Canary Islands, has recognized “El Rincón del Fumador” with the category of Habanos Specialist for its specialization and distinction in the management of .

After three years of performance as Habanos Point, for the effort and dedication to the Habano they have deserved this superior category.

In a simple but emotive event held in Gran Canaria, Cuba Cigar, S.L.U. and El Rincón del Fumador, S.L. has signed collaboration agreement, to establish and strengthen the conditions for differentiation as the first Habanos Specialist in the Canary Islands.

Inside it has a walk-in humidor of dimensions equivalent to 16 m2, where the Habanos represent 70% of the total volume and with a wide range of representation of our vitolario.

The official event was attended by Ulises Barquín Castillo, Consul General of Cuba in the Canary Islands, as a special guest to the event.

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