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international personalities from different fields will be present at XIV Habanos Festival

  • Guitarists Phil Manzanera and Jack Bruce will play with Cuban singer Augusto Enriquez at a concert during the Welcome Evening.
  • Spanish chef Sergio Torres has developed a special recipe for one of the dishes that will star at the 520 Anniversary Evening of the Discovery of Tobacco in Cuba.

Havana, February 15, 2012.- Important international personalities will be present at the XIVth Habanos Festival, taking place on February 27th till March 2nd, 2012. Roxy Music guitarist and prestigious music producer Phil Manzanera and Jack Bruce, member of Cream, the group who also joined Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, will play with Cuban singer Augusto Enríquez at the Welcoming Evening. In addition, Spanish chef Sergio Torres from Dos Cielos restaurant, recently awarded a Michelin star, will be responsible for designing a dish to be tasted at the 520 Anniversary Evening of the Discovery of Tobacco in Cuba.


“ECLECTIC-US” is the title of the show which will star the first night of the Habanos Festival, dedicated to Cohiba brand, at Karl Marx theatre. Phil Manzanera, Jack Bruce and host Augusto Enríquez will perform a concert with a mixture of different influences and Cuban musical styles, son, rumba, bolero, rock and Afro-Cuban jazz. As stated by Manzanera, “It’s such a thrill to return to that wonderful theatre to play again with Augusto and the legend that is Cream’s Jack Bruce, one of the world’s most famous musicians”.




On Wednesday 29th there will be a dinner to commemorate the 520th Anniversary of the Discovery of Tobacco in Cuba by the Europeans at the Museo de Bellas Artes. As special guest, Chef Sergio Torres from Dos Cielos restaurant of Barcelona, will design one of the dishes to be tasted during the evening. Torres will propose a dish combining the gastronomic influences developed since the discovery. “We are inspired by two cultures with the same language; it is a dish that blends ingredients from Spain and from Cuba. There are a series of exchanged or globalized ingredients on five continents as a result of colonization from the Old World by the Spanish, for example frijoles (beans) are one of the ingredients that came to the old world across America and that we propose in this recipe as a main ingredient, other ingredients that we propose are mushrooms and truffles native of Europe, we believe that the exchange of products was p ositive to enrich the actual cuisine” explained Torres. During this event it will be tasted the marriage of a Habano* (D.O.P.) specially made for this Anniversary.

Phil Manzanera


Renowned musician and producer, he is one of the founders of the legendary British band Roxy Music, concerning the art rock and experimental pop of the seventies and early eighties. He has worked with major artists like Pink Floyd group, for which he co-wrote the single One slip, Bob Dylan or Bryan Ferry. His recent works include Corroncho (2010), considered one of the best albums of the year by the British newspaper Daily Mirror, and their recent tour with Roxy Music in the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe. Manzanera spent much of his childhood in Cuba and it was there where he met the instrument that would make him one of the best guitarists in the world.

Sergio Torres 

Devoted cook and chef, he now runs with his brother Javier Torres the Dos Cielos restaurant at ME Hotel Barcelona, which received a Michelin star in 2010, and the Eñe of Sao Paulo in Brazil. His career has taken him to pass mainly through the kitchens of Brazil and Spain. Modern, innovative techniques and creativity are the hallmarks that he used in the creation of his dishes.


*(D.O.P.) Protected Denomination of Origin


international personalities from different fields will be present at XIV Habanos Festival


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