2012 Dec , 10

Se presenta el Partagás Serie C No.3 en Granada (España).


Last 4th of december, Partagas Serie C No. 3 was introduced for Club Privado Pasión Habanos’ members. Presentation was in the local that the Club has in Granada, Fusión Pasión, and 30 members were there.


The presentation was led by José Andrés Colmena (Altadis’ Brand Ambassador) which was helped by Francisco Javier Marín Cejudo (President of the Granada’s Sommeliers-Association). Partagás Serie C No.3 could be paired with two top-whiskies: Lagavulin 16 & Cardhu Special Cask Reserve, to appreciate the differents pairings.

Partagás Serie C No.3, one of the Limited Edition that Habanos has presented this year, pleased all attendees. General comments about Partagás Serie C No.3 were very positive. Attendees commented that this is a great Habano.


Se presenta el Partagás Serie C No.3 en Granada (España).


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