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Successful event “Havana Navidad” in Canada

On December 5th, 2023, Habanos Specialist Cigar Studio, hosted an Habanos event. Cigar Studio has been servicing cigar aficionados in the Toronto area for over 25 years.

The theme “HAVANA NAVIDAD” – was a celebration of Cuban heritage, culture, food, dance, rum and of course The Habanos!

“My goal was to bring awareness and celebrate the legacy and foundation of the beautiful cigar community, born and raised in Cuba. The first of its kind in Canada, HAVANA NAVIDAD brought communities together alongside two of the most important Cuban products: Habanos and rum. Both HAVANA CLUB and HAVANA HOUSE (HABANOS SA) were partners in the success of this event.” – Kes Michaelides, Cigar Studio.

 The celebration took place in downtown Toronto, with over 150 cigar enthusiasts in attendance, dedicated aficionados to the considered best tobacco in the world and are now an inspiring meeting place for all those who share a passion for Habanos. They were treated to a Cuban inspired dinner, cuban rum Havana Club, along with a handpicked selection of Habanos.

During this night three Habanos were delighted: the popular Quai D´Orsay No.50, Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills, and H. Upmann Connossieur No.2. This event paid tribute to Quai D´Orsay brand in its soon 50 Anniversary in 2024, this vitola was released in 2021 with a new image of the brand and it is very appreciated by smokers. Followed by Wide Churchills a very trendy format that came to rich the Churchills Line in 2010 in the one of the brand with the most extensive range of Habanos´ vitolas; and the Connossieur No.2, the most recently vitola into H. Upmann portfolio, released in 2021, in the excellence regarding the history and prestigious of H. Upmann brand.

The guests were entertained by a live Cuban band and a dance show, style the famous Cabaret Tropicana de Cuba. The event concluded with the best wishes to meet the Habanos enthusiasts again in another “Havana Navidad”.


Successful event “Havana Navidad” in Canada


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