Romeo y Julieta Gran Reserva Wide Churchills Cosecha 2009

  • All the leaves in this Gran Reserva have undergone a long and careful ageing process of five years.
  • This is the first Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 Romeo y Julieta in its Wide Churchills vitola and it comes in a unique and exclusive edition of 5,000 numbered boxes.

The XVII Habanos Festival provides the setting for the presentation of the first Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 from Romeo y Julieta in its renowned Wide Churchills vitola, which has become one of the symbols of the brand since its release five years ago, which coincided with the twelfth edition of the event.
Romeo y Julieta - Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 (13)-Grande
For the manufacturing of this Gran Reserva, all the leaves that make up the (capa, capote and tripa -wrapper, binder and filler-) have undergone a long and careful ageing process of five years. This is a unique and exclusive production of 5,000 numbered boxes, which showcase the supreme excellence of the brand and which will no doubt be extremely well received by Habanos enthusiasts.

This new Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 provides yet another example of the unique stature of Habanos as a Protected Appellation of Origin. To make this Romeo y Julieta Gran Reserva, the best tobacco leaves were selected from the 2009 harvest in * (Pinar del Río*), Cuba.

Wide Churchills, with their unique dimensions among standard Habanos vitolas , are particularly attractive to smokers who enjoy thick ring gauge Habanos with a balanced and aromatic blend.

They are con -Totally Handmade with Long Filler- using leaves selected by expert blenders and are assessed by more than 50 expert tasters in joint tastings organized by the Instituto del Tabaco -Tobacco Institute-. These tasters include members of the (National Tasting Commission) from the most prestigious factories in Cuba, as well as experts from Cuban industry and
Romeo y Julieta - Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 (8)-Grande
The origin of the brand name is well known. It dates from 1875 and was inspired by the master piece of the same name by the English writer William Shakespeare. In the early part of the twentieth century it became internationally renowned, being one of the pioneering brands to use a distinctive band.

Winston Churchill was a devotee of the brand and after his visit to Havana in 1946, his name was not only used on Habano bands, but also lent itself to the famous vitola: Romeo y Julieta Churchills.

In the XXI century, two new references have been added. In 2006, Short Churchills, the robusto that was missing in the brand’s vitolas and then, in 2010, Wide Churchills, for which we now present a Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 and which was the first to use a 55 ring gauge, ushering in a trend among enthusiasts of thick ring gauge cigars.

Its balanced and aromatic blend, with -filler- and -binder- leaves selected from the Vuelta Abajo* zone (Pinar del Río*), makes Romeo y Julieta the classic medium-bodied Habano.

Brand Romeo y Julieta
Commercial Name Wide Churchills
Factory Name Montesco
Measures Ring Gauge 55 (21,83 mm) x 130 mm in length
Presentation Special series (SPB) of 5,000 lacquered boxes of 15 individually numbered units

Romeo y Julieta - Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 (9)-Grande*(D.O.P.) Denominaciones de Origen Protegidas – Protected Appellations of Origin.


The official Denominación de Origen Protegida (D.O.P.), or Protected Denomination of Origin used only to describe the most outstanding brands of cigars, which are manufactured in Cuba to the most exacting standards established by the Regulatory Council, from tobaccos grown only in particular areas of the island that are also protected as Denominations of Origin. In English the word translates as Havanas, which are widely considered to be the best cigars in the world.
The finest tobacco-growing land in the world, Vuelta Abajo is the main source of tobacco for Habanos, and the only zone that grows all types of leaf: wrappers, fillers and binders. A Protected Denomination of Origin.
Totally by hand. A description created in Havana to differentiate between Cuban methods of making cigars by hand from the semi-mechanised metods used elsewhere that can legally be described as "Hecho a Mano" or "Hand Made".
Long filler. Filler that is made from full-length tobacco leaves.
Tasting National Commission; body composed by the best Cuban tasters which is part of the Tobacco Research Institute. With the Regulatory Council it coordinates the guidelines for quality, the consistency of blends for the brands and tobacco varieties.
The Havana-based company, jointly owned by the Cuban industry and the British Imperial Tobacco Group, which markets all 27 Habanos brands worldwide.
Filler, the blend of two, three or four different types of tobacco leaves that form the heart of a Habano and dictate its flavour.
The binder leaf. Selected from the largest and finest volado leaves grown on the lower part of the plant.