2015 Oct , 5

Cigar Dinner

La Casa del Habano Toronto welcomed the fall season with a dinner on September 21st at one of the oldest steakhouses in the heart of the city: Barberian’s.


Montecristo AñejadosCigars sold for this occasion were some of the recent releases by : Montecristo Churchills Añejados and the exclusive Partagás Maduro No.1. The Montecristo Churchills has been enjoyed by aficionados all summer long and the first Habano-Partagás “” became an instant hit in the Canadian market since its appearance a couple of weeks ago.

_MG_8088 lovers attending the sold out event, had also the opportunity to meet Mr. Amir Saarony, author of “Partagás – The Book”, who made a presentation on his years of research on old Cuban cigar stuff and this emblematic brand, leading to his writing of the book.


An evening to remember!








Cigar Dinner


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