2019 Sep , 27

Cohiba Madrid Premier: Cohiba Novedosos has been launched as a world first

On the 21st of September Club Pasión Habanos celebrated at the Museo del Traje of Madrid an evening with several experiences, which was the official worldwide launch of Cohiba Novedosos.

Under the heading of “Something Unique”, all the Club’s members had the opportunity to live unique experiences that were designed to enjoy a very special night: a selection of gourmet products from different Premium brands, live music, a carefully walking dinner as well as many other surprises.

Cohiba was the real star of the night with the grand presentation as a world first of Cohiba Novedosos, a new vitola inside the brand’s portfolio: Robustos No.2 (ring gauge 50 x 156 mm of length). What makes this Cohiba so unique are its hazelnut, coffee, cedar and molasses aromas. The members of Club Pasion Habanos who attended the event were the first aficionados from all over the world who had the chance to try the latest Cohiba. Once this cigar is available in markets and due to its exclusivity it will only be found in limited amounts in the most specialized points of sale, such as Habanos Specialist.

The musical performance of Ciara Thornton and her lyrical quartet impressed everyone, with the highlight being their interpretation of Nessun Dorma.

Many premium brands were present at Cohiba Madrid Premier: one could find spirituous beverages thanks to Havana Club Selección de Maestros, Plymouth, The Glenlivet, Ximenez Spínola, wines from Lustau, Ars Collecta by Codorniu, Arbayún, Marqués de Tomares, tequila produced by Oredain as well as premium beers by Mahou Los Cervecistas. Other gourmet products were available such as French cheese by Saint Agur or Boffard, jamón from Embutidos España, Nacarii Caviar, Sushi Artist, Mexican food by Las Mañanitas, Frinsa’s gourmet canned food and Valrhona’s chocolates. In addition, other brands such as ST Dupont, Acqua di Parma, Tomblack, Zenith and Comercial Iberoamericana displayed their lifestyle and smoking products.

Cohiba Madrid Premier: Cohiba Novedosos has been launched as a world first


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