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Cohiba’s 55th Anniversary Celebration


Dear Habanos Enthusiasts,

Habanos, S.A. is pleased to announce the celebration of Cohiba’s 55th Anniversary in La Habana, Cuba, on September 7-9, 2022. After a year of waiting due to the pandemic health situation, Cohiba, Habanos’ most emblematic and prestigious brand, will celebrate its 55 years of history and will bode surprises for aficionados of what is considered the  world’s best tobacco.

During three days, Habanos, S.A. will offer a program of activities where Cohiba will be the star of the event.

The celebration will begin with a Welcome Evening in September 7th at Laguito Protocol Hall, followed by a visit to the famous Habanos Factory El Laguito on September 8th, and the perfect finale will be the Gala Dinner at Pabexpo on September 9th.

A celebration full of luxury, exclusivity and passion for the Cohiba brand of Habanos cigars, during which the Habanos 2020 and 2021 Awards will be presented in their different categories.  It will culminate with an auction of a very special humidor, the proceeds of which will be entirely donated to the Cuban Public Healthcare System.


Registration Procedure 

 The registration period of the Cohiba’s 55 anniversary event will be open from 20th to August 31st. Attached you may find an application to be filled by you and send it back.

Payment method 

USD currency will not be accepted. Bank transfers will only be accepted in EUROS, at the rate exchange in force on the day of the transfer.

The discounts or commissions for bank transfers will be assumed in each case by the party making the payment. Habanos, S.A. must receive full payment for the activity or full package, accordingly.

Bank transfers cannot be done through, neither North-American Banks nor any of their branches offices due to the risk funds may be freezed. A copy of the bank swift when they make the transfer will be sent to Habanos, S.A. in order to facilitate a rapid identification of the sender.

Once payment is received, a ticket duly signed and coined will be sent to be presented for picking up the invitations or registration of the event if required.



VISIT TO EL LAGUITO FACTORY         (If you do not buy full program) 100.00 USD

The participation in the Auction bidding will have a cost of 100.00 USD. The method of payment and other details will be informed directly to the interested parties.

The participants in the bidding, in addition to the data requested in the attached file,  the following has to be informed:

Name of the person placing the bid
Name of the person paying the bid
Two contact telephone numbers



General mail:

Press Contact:

Mrs. Daymí Difurniao Rodríguez

Operational Marketing Division

Email: /



The booking hotels and transportation to the different activities should be made through Havanatur, as the official Travel Agency of the event.

For the Cohiba’s 55th Anniversary event, the Gran Packard Hotel will give our clients more attractive offers. In case of interest you may book your accommodation through the link:


Payments for individuals will be done through Havanatur, the official travel agency.

For further information please contact:

Mrs: María Isabel Chávez / Emelia López

Phone: 53 7 7 2047412 / 72019780 / 72019861

Cohiba’s 55th Anniversary Celebration


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