2022 Sep , 8

Welcome to the 55th Cohiba Anniversary!


The Welcome Cocktail was held at the well-known El Laguito Protocol Room. An unforgettable event attended by about 650 lucky people among aficionados, professionals from the Habanos’ world, national and international press. A magical night full of luxury and sophistication, to enjoy the essence of Cohiba and its history.

The location, designed with a stunning scenography, was structured to open 5 “windows” into the Cohiba universe, coinciding with the Línea Clásica, 1492, Maduro 5, Behike and the specialties Reserva and Gran Reserva. In each space, attendees were able to enjoy different experiences inspired by the brand in order to delight those in love with the Habano culture.

The nominees for the 2021 Habano Award were also announced:


  • Production

Nelson Rodríguez López
Yoandry Rodríguez Porra
Noel Rolando Benítez Fernández

  • Business

Yvonne Litz
Riad Boukaram

  • Communication 

Ángel García Muñoz

Nicolas Pillegi


A set in which to show your best #CohibaMoment, a projection booth, or a floating platform over the pool that served as a stage were just some of the surprises that Cohiba offered the cocktail attendees.

Guests were able to enjoy the aroma and flavor of two very special vitolas: Cohiba Robustos (50 ring gauge x 124mm length), and one of the latest novelties of the brand, presented in 2019, Cohiba Novedosos (50 ring gauge x 156mm length).

Amidst the aromas of these magnificent Habanos, aficionados were able to enjoy the original musical proposal of DJ Reitt, Shanara and sax, the savoir-faire of David Blanco and the freshness and sophistication of Las Ninfas, in addition to the performances of the Circo Nacional de Cuba and Acosta Danza, who surprised everyone with a daring staging on a revolving set. A display that, undoubtedly offered a broad and avant-garde perspective of the current Cuban cultural scene.

The night ended with the concert of Toques de Río, who brought with them the unique flavor, art and energy of the Cuban soul, fused with the best of international genres, without ever losing their roots deeply entrenched in Pinar del Río, which put the finishing touch to an exceptional evening.

It was, without a doubt, a welcoming event fitting to the concept of luxury and tradition portrayed by the world’s most prestigious brand of Premium tobacco.

Welcome to the 55th Cohiba Anniversary!


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