2019 Jul , 12

Condolence Message

Habanos, S.A. with deep regret announces that Zainal Baqer Mohebi has passed away in Dubai after a long illness. Mohebi was a passionate about  Cuba  and also Habanos who contributed to develop and reinforce the exclusivity of the product.  

BME´s tobacco division was initiated over 50 years ago by Dr. Zainal Mohebi , the owner and Chairman of Zainal Mohebi holdings. During the early of 1960s, in Dubai, he introduced the Habanos , the world´s best handmade cigars, purely out of his passion for the Cuban cigars.

That passion has been transferred throughout the company´s sales and marketing team, placing Habanos at the pinnacle of all cigars categories, with distribution through the UAE and Oman. The UAE has become one of the most dominant Middle East importer of premium cigars. 

BME´s portfolio has expanded to include the marketing of several other brands and tobacco products in the UAE and Oman. The first  exclusive retail chain for premium Cuban cigars, La Casa del Habano was opened in UAE in 1988 and there are now five stores in different territories in Dubai and Oman. BME also markets its tobacco products through its own local retail brand Le Tabac Exclusive, with a wide range of premium cigars and accessories  to be offered and meet all connoisseur needs.

In 2004 he was awarded Habanos Man of the Year for Business category.  

His many friends and colleagues at Habanos send sincere condolences to his family and friends.


Condolence Message


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