Condolence Message

We have received the sad news of Mr. Maurice Abraham Abady, passed away after a long illness. Mr. Abady was a key figure in the expansion of Habanos in the Caribbean, through Little Holland and CDFCD, companies in which he was founder and creator for more than 40 years. Sr....

2021 Jul , 19

Condolence Message

Habanos, S.A. with deep regret announces that Zainal Baqer Mohebi has passed away in Dubai after a long illness. Mohebi was a passionate about  Cuba  and also Habanos who contributed to develop and reinforce the exclusivity of the product.   BME´s tobacco division was initiated over 50 years ago by Dr....

2019 Jul , 12

Condolence Message

It is with deep regret we announce that Simon Chase has passed away in London after a long illness. Known to many for his expertise and knowledge about cigars, he worked for Hunters & Frankau from 1977 and was their Marketing Director until he retired in 2009. Following his retirement, Simon...

2019 Mar , 13

Condolence Message

Dear Exclusive Distributors, We have received with deep regret that Osvaldo Encarnación  who was our partner and friend for a long time, and worked until his last days as an advisor of Tabacuba group, passed away. A large part of his life was devoted to the development of the tobacco...

2018 Apr , 6

Note of condolences

En la noche del 3 de Julio falleció Don Gregorio Socorro, quien mantuvo más de 50 años de relaciones comerciales con Cuba y quien formara parte de la red de distribución exclusiva de Habanos s.a hasta el 2013. El Sr. Socorro fue un apasionado amante del Habano quien dedicó una...

2014 Jul , 8


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