2018 Apr , 6

Condolence Message

Dear Exclusive Distributors,

We have received with deep regret that Osvaldo Encarnación  who was our partner and friend for a long time, and worked until his last days as an advisor of Tabacuba group, passed away.

A large part of his life was devoted to the development of the tobacco industry. He held important responsibilities in the sector, such as Vice President of TABACUBA Group, who was also one of its founders.

He was a passionate lover of the world´s best tobacco, the Habano; as well as a tireless promoter of its culture worldwide. This passion accompanied him in all his years of work to the present, being selected a Habano Man in 2012.

Certainly, his work greatly contributed to the professional growth and development of each of us.

We send to his family and friends our condolences.



Condolence Message


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