2013 Jun , 24

El Rey del Mundo Infantes, the new Regional Edition for the Cuban market

Habanos, s.a. has presented the new Regional Edition exclusively produced for the for the Cuban market in 2013.


The presentation coincided with the celebration in Cuba of the 22nd Habanos Marketing and Sales workshop. The ceremony took place in La Habana on June 18th at La Casa del Habano of the Habana Libre Hotel, with attendance of numerous Habanos, s.a. executives, of its distributors worldwide and of representatives of La Casa del Habano franchise network in Cuba, which, as well as the rest of the specialized shops of the largest of the Antilles, will commercialize this Habano Torcido Exclusivamente para Cuba – “Exclusively Handmade for Cuba”, in its shops all over the Cuban territory.


The new vitola was tasted during the event and was highly appreciated by the participants.

The Infantes Regional Edition of El Rey del Mundo brand – presented in labelled box of which only 5,000 boxes, individually numbered, have been made – will go on sale exclusively in the Cuban market in the upcoming weeks.


El Rey del Mundo, the Habanos brand chosen on this occasion, was created in 1882 by Antonio Allones, who had been established already for more than 30 years in La Habana when founding this brand. From the very beginning, El Rey del Mundo had great success thanks to its particular name. In our days, despite its reduced range, it still enjoys renown among Habanos smokers because of its quality and balanced flavor.


El Rey del Mundo Infantes has, as factory name, a format of great success in recent years: Robustos, (50 ring gauge x 124 mm long).

This vitola has been included for the first and only time in the portfolio of El Rey del Mundo brand in this Regional Edition made Exclusively for Cuba.

Infantes will surely become a prized Habano for those who wish to smoke a special Habanos production, of ephemeral availability, as well as for Habanos collectors.


This Regional Edition is made with the classic brand blend characterized by a light to medium flavor. All the Habanos have been made “Totalmente a Mano, con Tripa Larga” –(“Totally Handmade, with Long Filler”), with filler and binder leaves from the (D.O.P) tobacco plantations in the region of Pinar del Río*, the world’s most prestigious tobacco zone, and produced by expert Cuban cigar rollers.


This unique production for the Regional Edition consists of 5,000 numbered boxes, each containing 10 Habanos. The new Infantes vitola will be available in its classic labelled box at selected sales points of the Cuban market in the upcoming weeks.

Brand El Rey del Mundo
 Commercial Name Infantes
Factory Name Robustos
Measures 50 ring gauge (19,84 mm) x 124 mm length
Presentation 5.000 lebelled, numbered boxes with 10 units each
* (D.O.P) Denominación de Origen Protegida. Protected Denomination of Origin

El Rey del Mundo Infantes, the new Regional Edition for the Cuban market


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completely by hand

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