2018 Dec , 21

Habanos Caribbean Fest- I Edition. Curaçao 2018

Caribbean Cigars Corporation N.V. exclusive distributor of Habanos S.A. for Central
America and the Caribbean, with Curtrader’s cooperation, sponsored an event that
promotes the best Premium tobacco in the world outside Cuba, procuring a dazzling
experience beyond expectations: “Habanos Caribbean Fest”, managed to gather lovers of
Habano, Rum and Cuban Coffee with great success.

Curaçao and its colors always so friendly and receptive, made the selected spaces of Santa
Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, unforgettable places for participants through the
development of the activities established in the program that were appreciatively
surrounded by laughter and compliments thus framing the enjoyment of a genuine

Renowned personalities of Curaçao and Cuba honored us with their presence. Excellency
Mr. Steven Martina Minister of Economy of Curaçao, Mr. Inocente Nuñez, Co-President of
Habanos S.A, Mr. Leopoldo Cintra Gonzalez, Commercial Vice President of Habanos S.A.
and the legendary Harry Heathcott directing the Humidors Auction.

On the other hand, the launch of Romeo and Julieta Tacos (49 x 168 mm) and Bolívar
Soberano (140 x 54 mm) both Limited Editions 2018, were the main protagonists; each
vitola was tasted with admiration thus honoring the promise to surrender to the feet of his

“The Habano in the National Culture” Magisterial Conference by Zoe Nocedo Primo.
Tastings and Pairings of Ron Caney 12 yr. with Cohiba Robusto among others led by the
Sommelier Ivonne de la Puente del Sol together with Arnoldo Remigio Dorta commanding
the Bar; The Humidors Exhibition by José Ernesto Aguilera Reina and Pablo Jozami
Plasencia as well as the uninterrupted presentation of Vladimir Barboza and Hector
Tamayo experienced “Torcedores”, established the nuances of an event that will
undoubtedly last over the years.

Curaçao’s Culture did not go unnoticed thanks to the presentation of: “Floklorico Ambiente Kultural” by the hand of its Director Clayton Bernabela; They welcomed all the participants of “La Gran Noche”.

Next, Los Zafiros once again, made us remember with joy unequaled moments of the
Cuban musical culture and finally the presentation of Igort Rivas y su Tumbao, hounoring
the rhythm and authentic flavor of the Cuban Fiesta.

Caribbean Cigars Corporation N.V., wishes to express its sincere gratitude to all the collaborators and specially to all the participants that made this “Habanos Caribbean Fest”possible. We will be waiting for all of you in the next edition, with the guarantee that you will enjoy the best Habano, the best Rum and the best Coffee in the world. See you 2019!

Habanos Caribbean Fest- I Edition. Curaçao 2018


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