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Torcedor Tour 2018 in Switzerland

In Switzerland, many Aficionados know the worth of a good cigar – the smoking experience is a conscious pleasure to them. Particularly cherished is the king of cigars: the .

The world’s best tobacco and the fine handicraft behind each single cigar make the Habano a luxury product.

Not every lover of the Cuban tobacco is fully aware of how much careful manual work is required to produce the Habanos. And that is the reason why Mrs. Vivian Mirabal Mendoza comes visiting Switzerland.

Together with Intertabak AG, the official Habanos importer of Switzerland, she goes on tour from August 30th to October 26th and visits specialist retailers in all parts of Switzerland. From day to day she demonstrates her magnificent handcraft skills of cigar-rolling, which she gained in many years of experience in the manufacture Carlos Baliño.

Many Aficionados get the chance to watch how the exquisite cigars are made – totally handmade with long filler – and with luck even the possibility to smoke one fresh rolled cigar. Conscious pleasure becomes true appreciation and even deeper devotion to the incomparable Habanos.

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Torcedor Tour 2018 in Switzerland


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