2019 Sep , 19

Torcedor Tour 2019 in Switzerland

Not every lover of the Cuban tobacco knows about the fine handicraft behind the king of cigars and the is a true masterpiece.

The world’s best tobacco combined to the careful manual work, which a torcedor only gains after many years of experience, make these cigars so unique. Mr Alexander Padron Jimenez is one of the masters working in the factory “Camajuani Villa Clara”.

From September 4th to November 2nd he will come to Switzerland to demonstrate his magnificent handcraft skills of cigar-rolling. Together with many specialized retailers and with Intertabak AG, the official Habanos importer for Switzerland & Liechtenstein, Mr Alexander Padron Jimenez will give the Swiss aficionados the chance to watch how the exquisite cigars are made – .

Don’t miss the opportunity to see a live demonstration of cigar rolling and with luck even the possibility to smoke one fresh rolled cigar.

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Torcedor Tour 2019 in Switzerland


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