2016 Nov , 16

Habanos Day held in Monaco

Last September 9th, 2016 more than 50 people held the Habanos Day in Monaco, an event organized by Coprova S.A.S., the Exclusive Distributor of  for France at the Montecarlo Bay Terrace.


It was an evening to enjoy and meet many aficionados and to share a common passion: The Habano. A virtual invitation towards the Trinidad city took part of the evening as well. The evening ended up with the presentation of the vitola 80 Aniversario from Montecristo brand, created on that occasion to commemorate its anniversary, which it was well accepted among the attendees.


Tasting and matches were also other activities accompanied the night. A unique and perfect savors’ alliance with another exceptional product: the Rum Union, of Havana Club, was highly appreciated by the guests in a warm atmosphere.


Habanos Day held in Monaco


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