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6th Habanos Day in Mexico

In March 2019, a great success was carried out in the VI Habanos Day in Mexico, organized by “Importadora y Exportadora de Puros y Tabacos (IEPT)”, exclusive distributor of for Mexico. The Habanos Day took place once again at the Embassy of Cuba in in Mexico City.

This great event dedicated its entire day to two very emblematic products of Cuba and considered the best in the world: The Cuban Cigar and Havana Rum, but especially the launch of the Mexico City Regional Edition 2018 “Punch Duke”.

The event was set in a circus, inspired by Mr. Punch, who was the main character of the publication in which the brand was inspired. The activity welcomed more than 1,700 people, including professionals from the industry and fans of the Cuban tobacco industry. Habanos Day continues to promote the tradition and luxury of this Cuban flagship product in an atmosphere of delight and pleasure for all the guests, who through various activities seek to promote the appreciation of this product through tastings, workshops and pairings, sharing among all , with different dynamics, such as 6 different master tastings, including Cuban cigar, Rum Havana Club and Café Corajito Liquor, led by industry professionals such as: Manolo Santiago Master in Habanos, David Castellanos Senior in Habanos, Jorge Ojeda Ambassador of Ron Havana Club in Mexico, Asbel Morales Master of Cuban Rum, Marco Dorantes Ambassador of Marca Corajito. Attendees could also enjoy a talk given by Dr. Adargelio Garrido presenting the Cohiba Book and who would sign the books to those attending.

During the event attendees tasted from the Quintero, Romeo and Julieta and Punch brands; and enjoyed a Cuban atmosphere and music par excellence. Cocktails made by Havana Club, called the Cancha (new version of the canchánchara), was offered to the guests as well as other cocktails such as the Cuban Mojito, and rums: Havana Club 7 Years, Havana Club Selección de los Maestros and 15 Year Rum Havana Club.

The presentation of Punch Duke, Mexico 2018 Regional Edition, was made with the presence of a group of selected Habano lovers, who received a distinctive lapel pin of Habanos Corporation framing the Cuban tobacco leaf. Another activity offered to the attendees was the tasting guided by Manolo Santiago (Master in Habanos) and Asbel Morales, Rum Master of Havana Club where the Cigar along with the Rum Havana Club Tributo 2019 for the first time in Mexico.

Rum Havana Club Tributo 2019 is a limited edition masterpiece created by three generations of Masters of Cuban Rum, leader in the super premium global category. This is Tributo 2019, the fourth installment of its limited edition created from the best aged rum bases in the winery reserves and the unique touch of the best Masters of Cuban Rum. With a limited number of 2,500 bottles available for the island and the international market, Havana Club pays homage to the art and science of mixing as well as the unique and special touch of the Cuban Rum Masters that participated in this edition: Don José Navarro, First Master of Cuban Rum, Asbel Morales and Salomé Alemán, the first and only female Master of Cuban Rum.

For all those who were in the famous Granma room of the Embassy of Cuba in Mexico, they could visit the various stands, such as the Xikar Smoking Accessories, the Stand of the Casa del Habano, the Café bar installed by the professionals of the Coperaco coffee industry, accessories for Dupont smokers, more trips and excursions to Cuba amongst others.

The event entertained guests from 4:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. And at the end of the cultural and educational activities, the concert area was opened where Mr. Pablo Velasco IEPT Director, addressed the attendees with welcome remarks and gratitude, mentioning the luck that is had in Mexico for having this wonderful Cuban product, as well as the activities that are being carried out to promote the Habano culture in Mexico; followed by Mr. Pedro Nuñez Mosquera, Ambassador of Cuba in Mexico, mentioning the importance of sharing Cuban culture in Mexico and how important Mexico is for Cuba. The Messrs. Co-Chairmen of Habanos, Corporations, Inocente Nuñez and Luis Sánchez-Harguindey talking effusively about Punch Duke as Regional Edition for Mexico 2018, followed by Cuban Rum Master Asbel Morales giving a brief talk to all attendees about the Havana Club Rum Tributo 2019.

The event ended with a circus show, evoking four of the important processes of the Habano, such as: Harvest, Healing, Rolling, and the tasting of each Habano and then with the Orquesta Primera Clase, a group of professional Cuban musicians, where they danced for more than 4 hours.

The attendees are very grateful to IEPT’s commercial and strategic team, especially Pablo Velasco and Max Gutmann, to La Casa del Habano, and to the sponsors: Pernod Ricard with Havana Club, Coperaco Café de altura, Corajito coffee liquor, Xikar accessories, Dupont Accessories, Bodeguita del Medio Alimentos, Media Agency Digitalab and Cubana de Aviación, thank you all for the facilities granted to this great event. Photos taken by Digitalab for IEPT. For more information about the event visit

6th Habanos Day in Mexico


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