2019 Jul , 19

A new Habanos Specialist in Portugal

EMPOR Importação e Exportação S.A., Exclusive Distributor of for Portugal, has granted the Habanos Specialist category to A4 Premium tobacco shop.

As a family tradition business, A4 Premium opens its doors to the enthusiasts at Ave. da Marina, Lote 1 AF, Loja 7, 4078125-401, Quarteira, Algarve, region characterized by receiving a high level of tourists throughout the year, coming from various European cities.

A4 Premium has an elegant walking-humidor in which Habanos represents more than 80% of the total volume and with more than 70 references, covering the main brands of Habanos, both global brands and the rest of its portfolio.

The tobacco shops A4 I and A4 II, also owned by Mr. Dario Cardoso and Mrs. Marta Cardoso, located in the Vilamoura Marina of Faro, Algarve, already have the category of Habanos Point Gold and are currently maintained as a reference among the most demanding lovers of Habanos in this region.

A4 Premium maintains its commitment to sustain and develop this concept of Habanos Specialist, guaranteeing its customers a professional attention and services of excellence. The category achieved contributes to extend the Habano culture in the Portuguese market and strengthen the undoubted prestige of the Cuban tobacco brands.

A new Habanos Specialist in Portugal


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