2018 Sep , 6

Habanos S.A. launches for the first time in Spain and Worldwide Romeo y Julieta Tacos 2018 Limited Edition

Club Pasión Habanos presents this Limited Edition in the Spanish capital on 8th September.

Romeo y Julieta Tacos 2018 Limited Edition, which its production and development process has been very thoughtful, will be present in the Spanish market since 10th September.

Tabacalera, official distributor in Spain, is launching its world preview of the Romeo y Julieta Tacos 2018 , a that has been reclaimed from the 1970s (Tacos Imperiales, 49 ring gauge x 168 mm length) and that is released in a 25-unit regular box.  

The presentation of Romeo y Julieta Tacos 2018 Limited Edition will take place on 8th September in Madrid in an event inspired by this legendary brand and organized by Club Pasión Habanos under the “Nos une la passion – Passion unites us” slogan. Members will not only have the privilege of tasting this Habano but will also enjoy other Romeo y Julieta Habanos, as well as other experiences designed to stimulate the senses: a selection of gourmet products from several Premium brands, music, and a carefully designed cocktail dinner, together with other unexpected surprises.

All the Habanos of this Limited Edition have been made “con ” – Totally by Hand with Long Filler – and their leaves are specially selected from the * area in *, Cuba*, the best tobacco-growing land in the world. This product’s limited and meticulous production and development processes are carried out by expert Cuban torcedores – cigar rollers – working painstakingly to meet the expectations of the most demanding Habanos aficionados.

Habanos Limited Editions are highly appreciated and awaited by enthusiasts every year. They main characteristic is that their vitolas are not included in the brands’ regular portfolios. They are distinguished by their specially selected leaves – wrapper, filler and binder -, which have been aged for not less than two years.

The term “Habanos” has been used since the late nineteenth century to identify the finest cigars in the world, although Cuban tobacco was already considered to be the best in the world back in the eighteenth century. Habanos is an internationally recognised Protected Appellation of Origin (P.A.O.), reserved for identifying cigars over 3 grams, traditionally designated under said denomination, made Totalmente a Mano -Totally By Hand – in Cuba according to the quality standards established by the Cuban tobacco industry, under the supervision of the Habanos P.A.O. Regulatory Council.

Romeo y Julieta was created as a Habanos brand in 1875, with its origin in the tragic play of the same name by that giant of English literature, William Shakespeare. Today, Romeo y Julieta enjoys great prestige all over the world and offers the widest range of vitolas in the Habanos brand, all produced Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga- Totally by Hand with Long Filler. Since its birth in 1875, Romeo y Julieta has become one of the best known of the Habanos cigars, and is especially valued by those who appreciate a harmonious blend with an excellent aroma.

Habanos S.A. launches for the first time in Spain and Worldwide Romeo y Julieta Tacos 2018 Limited Edition


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