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Guayasamin Humidor

humidorGuayasamin1Corporacion Habanos s.a. is proud to present the Guayasamin Humidor, result of the timeless friendship relation between two great men and their faith in human nature.

When the Equatorian artist Oswaldo Guayasamin paint the 4th portrait of Fidel as a present for his 70th birthday, a wonderful idea came up: Wooden boxes made by and using precious materials and manufactured in the workshops owned by the Guayasamin Foundation would become great humidors to preserve fine Habanos.

humidorGuayasamin2Ten years later, a similar agreement was reached between Habanos s.a. and Guayasamin Foundation. This allows releasing a new series of Guayasamin Humidors set to be on sale on December, 2006.

Guayasamin Foudation is in charge of producing these humidors which are made by hand in fine Hammersmith workshops. These crafters use a wood called Equatorial Cedar in which no traditional metal nails are used but wooden nails. Brass-made ironworks designed by the artist himself were made by hand as well. The engraving of the top resembles a gorgeous voluptuous woman and it’s covered up with a 24-carat gold powder spill known as “pan de oro”.

Habanos from Cohiba are the cigars chosen for this humidor. Made at El Laguito Cigar Factory with the best leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region; these Habanos offer an incredible yet marvellous aroma with the Cohiba’s characteristic taste.

The Guayasamin Humidor comprises 90 Habanos ordered as follows:

  • 15 Espléndidos (girth 47 & 178 mm in the length)
  • 15 Lanceros (girth 38 &192 mm in the length)
  • 15 Pirámides (girth 52 & 156 mm in the length)
  • 15 Robustos (girth 50 & 124 mm in the length)
  • 15 Coronas Especiales (girth 38 & 152 mm in the length)
  • 15 Siglo VI. (girth 52 & 150 mm in the length)

These Humidors have been endorsed with an origin certification stamp bestowed by the Guayasamin Foundation and bearing the signature of the Cuban President Fidel Castro in the inside parchment.

This exceptional masterpiece will be available in the next weeks at the most selected points of sale throughout the world.

Guayasamin Humidor


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