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Por Larrañaga Picadores, a novelty for La Casa del Habano and Habanos Specialists

  • A new of thick ring gauge vitola in one of the most historic brand within the Habanos portfolio.
  • Por Larrañaga Picadores, a vitola aimed exclusively at Habanos Specialists and La Casa del Habano franchise stores, will be available to all markets worldwide in the next weeks.

Por Larranaga Picadores Tabaco

introduces the new “Picadores” in Por Larrañaga brand, an exclusive production aimed to La Casa del Habano network with more than 140 stores around the world and for the Habanos Specialists outlets which represents more than 760 shops all over the world.

Por Larrañaga is one of the most historic * (D.O.P) brands, founded in 1834, it enjoys a well- earned reputation for its good presentation. The brand is characterized by a light to medium flavour and aromatic blend. All the Habanos have been made “ con ”, Totally handmade with long filler, with leaves selected from * (D.O.P) Zone, in .* (D.O.P) Cuba.

Por Larranaga Picadores Camada

Hermosos No.4 (48 ring gauge x 127 mm length), is the factory size chosen for this special production. It is a nice format and comfortable smoke of a short time. On this ocassion, the label of the brand has been redesigned and it is now more stylized alternating the white, red and gold colors, inspired by the original design of a regional edition of the 70’s.

This special and limited production of only 8.400 cases of 25 Picadores each, is an exclusive product for La Casa del Habano and Habanos Specialists stores. It is an excelent opportunity for the Habanos enthusiasts to discover an unreleased format in one of the oldest and legendary cuban tobacco brand.

Por Larranaga Picadores Caja Camada

Brand Por Larrañaga
Commercial Name Picadores
Factory Name Hermosos No. 4
Measures Ring Gauge 48 (19,05 mm) x 127 mm in length
Presentation CB of 25 units
Production 8.400 boxes

* (D.O.P) Denominaciones de Origen Protegidas. Protected Apellation of Origin







Por Larrañaga Picadores, a novelty for La Casa del Habano and Habanos Specialists


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