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Italy celebrates its 10th Amigos de Partagás event


There is an old link between Matelica and Cuba, a history of real passion and of great friendships born around a unique and inimitable cigar: . This year, in June, Matelica has been transformed again, becoming once more stage of one of the most important events of the Habano in Europe.

The Encuentro is a complex event, born thanks to Francesco Minetti, the people from the Club Don Alejandro Robaina, and Diadema Spa, exclusive importer of Habanos in Italy, which this year has given again its support to this appointment.

3 X Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Italia

This year, the Encuentro, has celebrated its tenth anniversary, which has been dedicated to the memory of Massimo De Giovanni, big Partagás friend, and Cuba’s one; who run a fundamental role in the divulgation of the Habanos culture in Italy.

The event began on Thursday 25th with the Fiesta Campesina, celebrated in Piazza Mattei. It was seasoned with a good barbecue, rum, beer, live music and of course Habanos cigars, in this occasion Vegueros Tapados for 150 guests.

2 X Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Italia 5 X Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Italia
4 X Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Italia

On Friday, the event went live. After the success of the previous year, the seminar “Habanos y Música” was celebrated again. In the cloister of Piersanti Museum, it was live played the Sonata n. 2 Bb for piano, op. 35, in pairing with the new Trinidad Vigía. Next, 50 aficionados have participated in a tasting of Partagás Corona (1950), paired with two extraordinary choices: Champagne Grand Siècle of Laurent Perrier and Ron Isla del Tesoro from a rare Cuban reserve. The day was closed in Borgo Lanciano with Cuban music and dance, with almost 300 guests involved in such an exhibition. For the occasion, the main character was again Trinidad-Vigia.

6 X Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Italia

Saturday morning was dedicated to institutional and cultural dates, with the participation of the Mayor of Matelica and representatives of the Cuban Embassy in Italy. They attended to the presentation of a painting of the Flemish artist Pieter Paul Rubens, which belonged to Winston Churchill. The masterpiece, owned by a family from Florence, was recently recovered thanks to the investigations of Metelica’s Mayor. A precise restoring has given back the painting to its old magnificence. On it had been deposited a rich nicotine shell, coming from Habanos so much loved by the British statesman.

8 X Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Italia

In the afternoon, in Piermarini Theater, a dense activities program began. Zoe Nocedo Primo, Director from the Museo del Tabaco de Cuba, presented a seminar about the Lector (Habanos factories reader), taking advantage of the 150 years since the institution of this important figure.

Later, an interesting historical reconstruction about the relation of Winston Churchill with the Habano took place, being presented by Paul de Sury and Marco Odescalchi. While this presentation, an exceptional pairing was made: Ron Siglo y Medio and trinidad-fundadores, dated 2001 and coming from two very rare 50 cigars cabinets.

The Gala Night which closed the Encuentro, took place in the central Piazza Mattei, with 220 guests that could enjoy during the dinner of three great Habanos: H. Upmann Half Corona, Partagas-Serie-D-No-6 and romeo_piramides_vintage.

9 X Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Italia









Italy celebrates its 10th Amigos de Partagás event


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