2018 Oct , 8

IX Habanos Day in Russia

Top Cigars Corporation, the exclusive distributor of  in Russia, is pleased to announce that on October 5th, 2018, in the spa town of Sochi, will be held the 9th Habanos Day.

The majestic event will be held in the flagship building of the city that is on the shore of the Black Sea.

As part of the 9th Habanos Day, the new line of the brand Montecristo – Montecristo Line 1935 will be announced to the lovers and fans of our . In its three : Leyenda, Maltes and Dumas.

In addition, the winning clients of the 2017 awards will be announced and awarded in the categories: “Best Habano Specialist”, “Best Habanos Point”, “Habano Ambassador”, “Best Wholesale Company” and “Best Cigar Lounge”.

The traditional Gala Dinner will include a program of shows and a raffle. And, of course, guests will enjoy the best Habanos in the world.

IX Habanos Day in Russia


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