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New Regional Edition for Portugal: SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LA HABANA SAUDADE

Regional Editions are a worldwide success and this is demonstrated by the sixth Regional Edition created by Habanos, S.A. exclusively for the Portuguese market, this time under the San Cristóbal de La Habana brand. This brand was created in 1999 in honor to the city of Havana, which celebrated 500 years in 2019. Saudade is the vitola selected for this Regional Edition that also commemorates the 60 years of Empor S.A., exclusive distributor of Habanos, S.A. for the Portuguese market.

The word Saudade has no literal translation in any language and describes a mixture of feelings of loss, lack, distance and love. It is one of the most used words in poetry and romantic music in the Portuguese language. These 10 Habanos, made Totally by Hand with Tripa Larga with selected leaves from the region of Vuelta Abajo*, Pinar del Río*, are part of a special production of 8,000 individually numbered boxes produced exclusively for Portugal.

The launching took place in Lisbon, on October 28th. 2021 at the Cuban Embassy in Portugal.  This event, named Empor Habanos Moments, was divided in two sessions and exclusively conceived for the professional channel, mainly with participants that represents the stores La Casa del Habano, Habanos Specialist and Habanos Point. The afternoon session started with a comprehensive Habanos Academy lecture where Habano enthusiasts received a welcome kit that contained, among other things, a Habano of the brand Hoyo de Monterrey with its vitola Epicure Nº2, to be paired with the whiskeys Benriach and Glengassaugh, presented by the brand ambassador of Sogrape Winnery.


The second half of the event with about 70 guests, was especially dedicated to the star of the night: San Cristóbal de La Habana Saudade, the 2020 Regional Edition for Portugal.

The Cuban Ambassador in Portugal, Mrs. Mercedes Martínez, started the night with an opening speech to the participants, followed by Mr. Pedro Rocha, general director of Empor S.A., who presented the characteristics of this Habano and specially thanked the retailers for their presence and encouraged them to keep the Habanos name and the Premium cigar business prestige during these difficult times.

The artist Sr. Pedro Giestas recited two sensitive poems allegorical to the Portuguese word Saudade. One excerpt was written by the Cuban awarded poetess Dulce María Loynaz and the other by the well-known Fernando Pessoa, one the best ever Portuguese writers.

Undoubtedly, and after almost two years without this kind of event, participants of the Empor Habanos Moments were able to live a unique experience enjoying a night full of surprises, a wide selection of gastronomy, drinks and the classical Cuban music. All these in the best possible company, our San Cristóbal de La Habana Saudade.

Empor appreciates the support and collaboration of the companies Sogrape Winery, Delta Café and Pernord Ricard.

 Tasting notes


Measures: 52 ring gauge x 135 mm length

The Habanos San Cristóbal de La Habana Saudade have an excellent presentation, a very oily and smooth cover, with a reddish-brown tone and a delicious aroma.

The first third is characterized by a rich and complex flavor, with hints of coffee and nutmeg. The flavor grows a lot from the second third onwards and the “aftertaste” is extraordinary.

Features a flawless construction. It has an optimum draw and a fairly uniform burn with firm ashes of solid texture and light gray color.

This Habano will surely surprise aficionados due its pronounced flavor and magnificent presentation.

Smoking time between 50/60 minutes approximately.

Limited to only 8,000 boxes, this Regional Edition 2020 are now available to cigar aficionados in Portugal.

New Regional Edition for Portugal: SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LA HABANA SAUDADE


Habanos are made
completely by hand

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