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Empor, S.A. presents Montecristo Wide Edmundo in Portugal during the third “Empor Habanos Moments”


Empor, S.A., the exclusive distributor of Habanos, S.A. for Portugal, takes the advantage of the summer arrival to celebrate the third “Empor Habanos Moments”, an event conceived exclusively for La Casa del Habano, Habanos Specialist and Habanos Point, to present the new Montecristo Wide Edmundo to the Portuguese market.

During the meeting, which took place on June 29th at the Empor, S.A. headquarters, the attendees were able to see first-hand one of the latest products in the Habanos world. With the factory name Duke No.3 a (54 ring gauge x 125 mm length), this new vitola was selected by Habanos, S.A. to enrich the “Línea Edmundo “of the Montecristo brand.

Montecristo Wide Edmundo incorporates the new identification attributes of the Línea Edmundo g in which stands out the new secondary ring with the name of the commercial name on a yellow background which from now on will embellish all the Habanos of this appreciated Line.

The event was chaired by Mr. Pedro Rocha, General Director of Empor, S.A., who was in charge of welcoming those present and presenting the current context of the Habano business as well as its challenges. For his part, Mr. Luis Javier Boch, the company’s Sales Director, talked about the specialized Habanos channel in Portugal, where, among other topics of interest, he highlighted the advantages and requirements of La Casa del Habano and Habanos Point.

During the meeting, attendees also had the opportunity to taste another of the Montecristo vitolas, Joyitas (26 ring gauge x 115 mm length). These Habanos were very well received by those present, who also got a folder with some information and the catalog available for this summer, which consists not only of cigars, but also smoker’s accessories and different premium drinks.

After a work session, where ideas and experiences were exchanged, they enjoyed a stand-up cocktail, with typical Portuguese dishes and wines (Ermo Arinto 2020, Ermo Blend 2020, Ermo Rosé 2021, all distributed by Empor, S.A. in Portugal).

Empor S.A.  was grateful for the support of all participants.  Customer satisfaction is a priority for the company that strives to do better work every day.

Empor, S.A. presents Montecristo Wide Edmundo in Portugal during the third “Empor Habanos Moments”


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