2003 Oct , 3

New Resolution by the Cuban Customs

aduanaHabanos S.A. and the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba join efforts in the struggle against forgeries.

The new Resolution No. 41-2003, issued by the General Division of Cuban Customs, reinforces the regulations for taking rolled cigars out of Cuba.

From October 8, all Cuban or foreign travelers, at the departure from Cuba, are obliged to declare orally to Customs if they are carrying any rolled cigars. According to this new Resolution, all travelers are obliged to present the copy of the original purchasing invoice issued by the shops authorized, provided that they are carrying in their luggage more than 23 units of rolled cigars.

The rolled cigars must be in their original packaging with all official labelling, including the new holographic seal.

The non-fulfilment of these requirements will imply confiscation of the goods by the National Customs of the Republic of Cuba.

New Resolution by the Cuban Customs


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